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There were many rumors surrounding the Apple iPhone event. The majority of them dealt directly with the anticipated iPhones - the suggested 5S and 5C. A lot of interesting ideas and speculations had been suggested and expressed - from the most obvious to people unlikely to happen. The keynote itself wasn't groundbreaking - a minimum of such was the first impression. Everything we saw there was expected, with a small exception. Now we'd like to lead you thru the roundup of rumors which were circulating online. Let's see which of them came true and which were left behind.

iPhone 5C

YES: two iPhones Just as it had been expected, officially named iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The previous has got the design of its predecessor, as the latter has similar specs. Both will quickly be launched with iOS 7 aboard. Actually, the entire keynote is all about both of these devices. The upcoming iOS 7 was mentioned simply to supplement the storyline.

NO: iPhone 5C is a cheap iPhone If when compared with 5S, it is a budget iPhone covered with polycarbonate shell. But it is not too cheap as many of us expected. It's slightly less expensive than the flasghip, yet its price is considerable (contract-free: $549 for 16GB, $649 for 32GB). To check, prices of the 5S are $100 higher respectively. It's cheaper although not cheap.

YES: iPhone 5C comes in colors Leaked images demonstrated the truth. We've five colors: white, yellow, green, blue, pink. No purple or red. This is just what Apple hinted at by the tagline 'This should brighten your day'. Nokia found this option resembling the range of colors the Lumia family offers and took a fascinating jab at Apple on Twitter.

YES: iPhone 5S goes gold There is finally the third color for the high-end smartphone - champagne (or refer to it as gold). What's liked relating to this option, there isn't any excessive glitter like in Vertu phones, things are colored with simplicity and elegance.

NO: 128GB option Unfortunately for music lovers and movie fans, there's still no option of doubling the utmost iPhone capacity. At least music lovers who carry their whole music libraries in the pocket, still might have their classic iPods.

YES: fingerprint sensor Probably the most widely discussed features introduced in the new iPhones. It occupies the home button behind a layer of sapphire crystal. The entire feature is known as Touch ID and it allows users to unlock the phone without entering passcodes.

NO: NFC Even though it succeeded to raise some interest in the web, Near Field Communication remains a distinct segment concept that still does not receive much practical use and importance. A minimum of for Apple.

YES: next-generation chip The 5S introduces A7 that makes it, as claimed by Apple, five times faster than apple iphone 5 and 40 times faster compared to initial iPhone. It is combined with another chip - so-called 'motion coprocessor' M7. Most of other improvements within the 5S are evolution instead of revolution, just like it had been between apple iphone 4 and 4S.

NO: a new iPad? An iPad mini with Retina display? A brand new iPod? Maybe iWatch? None. The event was solely dedicated to the brand new iPhones. Exactly what Apple is possibly getting ready to show, will arrive later this season. iWatch, which has never been confirmed yet, really should not be expected sooner than 2014 (whether it ever arrives).