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There are multiple reasons you might need to call a criminal defense attorney. If you've been charged with a crime, arrested, or think you may be facing charges soon, you need to talk to an experienced legal representative. Even if you're not guilty, you'll still need professional guidance as soon as possible. Remember, all you say and do can be used against you in the court. You'll need sage advice so things don't get even worse.

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Driving while impaired

Being charged with driving under the influence of medication or alcohol is a reasonably common occurrence in our culture. Many individuals don't realize how little it takes to have their bloodstream register high amounts of alcohol. You may have gone to a vacation party or driven to the bar in the evening with friends to possess a few cocktails. Unfortunately, these seemingly tame choices crimes that may wreak havoc on your lifetime. Call in a criminal defense attorney pronto. You could be facing incarceration, lack of driver's license, and steep fines.

Assault or Domestic Violence

If the argument with a friend or relative becomes a fistfight, you can get faced with assault or domestic violence. These are serious charges that may turn your lifetime inverted. Should you tend to enter into brawls more often than not, you might like to consider taking some anger management classes. Your criminal defense attorney might attempt to work out a plea agreement where you can do just that.


There are lots of types of theft, which range from serious to minor. The quantity of products which were reportedly stolen will categorize it as being a felony or misdemeanor. Should you left of the store accidentally holding a bundle of gum, you'll probably leave easily. Should you embezzled money from your employer, loaded a new laptop into your backpack in a store, or took someone's car without permission, you will be in more trouble. In the current economy, there have been incidents involving desperate people turning to robbery, including armed robbery. No amount of money is worth many years of your lifetime within the slammer. If you've gotten involved with theft accidentally or because of extenuating circumstances, get a defense attorney on the telephone right away. Your freedom and future depend on it.

There are many different explanations why average citizens end up needing a defense attorney on their own side. If the has happened to you, contact an experienced lawyer to serve as the legal defender. Never try to look in court under any circumstances. You need a seasoned professional to navigate the complex court system for you.