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Internet search engine algorithms change on a constant basis. As new updates pop up, a lot of companies and SEOs fear that their usual SEO (Internet search engine) optimization tactics will be undermined or even penalised. While this is the best concern for companies who focus on physical tweaking rather than a backlink building strategy, there are a variety of products that you can do in an effort to make sure that your brand stays towards the top of the results pages, and fortunately not one of them can be affected by unsuspected algorithm changes. Here are a few SEO basics that companies can implement in order to stay visible in today's internet.

Educate and inform

In order to attract the millions of online users scouring the web for information, your brand will have to produce information. Even though all manner of great content can be just as effective, studies have shown that almost all people still depend on search engines when researching and looking helpful information. For this reason it's a good way to be considered a valuable resource to your visitors where they are able to receive helpful tips, guidance and information. Great information could keep these potential customers on your site for extended and can encourage them to tell others. Important: Don't just sell here, be a resource that Google can recognise as a result.

Build the website for individuals

One of the worst experiences from a user's perspective is on its way on a site that seems as if it's been optimised to simply focus on flashing advertisements plus some keywords. Your website should always be built and made with people not money or search engines like google in mind. An excellent user experience can make these potential customers wish to stay longer and share your articles, that is a lot more desirable than a site that generates traffic since it is super optimised, however suffers from high bounce rates.

Avoid dubious SEO tactics

Don't spam, keyword stuff, buy links, cookie stuff, create fake profiles, buy links or other dodgy SEO tactics. These dishonest tricks will not only damage your brand, but could even call at your website taken off the Google index. A part of doing well in SEO means not doing the bad stuff.

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Get links the right way

Instead of resorting to the shady tactics mentioned above, invest effort and time into developing a well rounded content marketing strategy. Create link-worthy material, guest blog and share your content trough email and social networking. This is the honest method to make sure that your branded content spreads across the web, while lead generation as people link to and post about your great, informative and original content.

Use keywords

This really is among those innocent SEO tactics that is often abused by sneaky SEOs searching for a fast track method to the top of the SERPs. Using the right keywords and phrases is really a logical and necessary part of making certain people discover your site once they look for you. Include it within the page title, description and throughout the copy a few times. You can also include it in the image name whether it's relevant, as well as the alt tag attribute.