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Enjoy A Memorable Vacation With Lake Havasu City And Havasu Landing Vacation Rentals

There are lots of beautiful attractions and exciting recreational opportunities open to those who reside in and visit Lake Havasu City. As a result, it is no surprise that Lake Havasu City holiday rentals are a popular commodity. Although the lake is easily the biggest attraction the region provides, the London Bridge is yet another from the popular attractions in Lake Havasu City.

Spanning from Lake to Thompson Bay along the Colorado River, the London Bridge boasts some impressive stats. Included in this are...

Spans as many as 930 feet, or 280 meters

The bridge was originally assembled in London in 1831

Queens Bay Resort

The United States purchased the bridge from the City of London in 1969 for $2.5 million

The initial bridge was disassembled in London, marked, and shipped to Lake Havasu City

Reassembling the bridge in Lake Havasu City cost one more $7 million

The bridge was opened in Lake Havasu City in 1971

The London Bridge was purchased by Robert McCulloch, who had been also the founder. According to historians, McCulloch purchased the bridge like a tourist attraction for the city he was planning. He hoped the bridge would help draw individuals to his community, that was a bit off the beaten path if this was first developed.

Obviously, the idea would be a success, and lots of people visit the bridge each year. Despite the fact that the reconstructed bridge does not look the same as its original, its design is simply breathtaking and offers the perfect accent towards the river.

For those who are interested in seeing the bridge and other attractions the city provides, there are plenty of great Lake Havasu City holiday rentals to pick from. There's also several resorts to pick from, including Havasu Landing vacation rentals.

In fact, people who take advantage of Havasu Landing vacation rentals enjoy easy access to the London Bridge via a regular taxi. With the aid of this particular service, people to the region can certainly connect to the city and all of its amenities, while also going to the renowned London Bridge.

Whether you want to remain in the town if you rent then out one of the available vacation rentals, or else you want to remain on the western shore by staying in among the available Havasu Landing vacation rentals, you are sure to have a vacation you won't ever forget whenever you visit this beautiful part of Arizona!