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Kirkland may be the oldest city around the Eastside in the state of Washington. Named for it's founder, Peter Kirk, the town was founded greater than a hundred years ago on the east shore of Lake Washington. Due to its location, its suburban population makes recreational activities on the waterfront its main focus. This is obvious when one considers the general public marina, boat launch, two sailing school and docks for tour boats.

Kirkland Washington real estate

If you are less inclined towards aquaria-related activities, there's also community sports park, neighborhood parks, just a little league park, a senior center, a library or even a center for the performing arts.

The town takes pride in developing in concord using the lake. Using its 4 miles of lakefront, the community of Kirkland is really a charming place. The scenic views from the lake are available to visitors of both residential and pedestrian shopping areas located downtown with just a few minutes' walk. With everything else in such proximity, from galleries, coffee shops, specialty stores to exceptional restaurants, it's no wonder that tight knit residents consider Kirkland homes to be "where the spirit of community thrives".

People who reside in Kirkland homes can be assured of neighbors who take pride in an advanced of civic consciousness and community awareness. Each region is proudly related to its own neighborhood or homeowners' association. These associations are instrumental in the organization of the numerous festivals and community events that help to foster close relations among residents and a strong communal feeling. Additionally, residents' associations work closely along with local governing bodies to ensure quality service is presented to the people.

Close cooperation between the residents and also the city council through periodic meetings and obtainment of feedback from the residents' respective associations. This ensures that residents are up graded on all current developments, get the chance to participate in decision-making processes and allows the city council to determine if their professional services rendered are satisfactory. Owners of Kirkland homes may take pride in knowing that their city is dedicated to being environmentally-friendly and maintaining a great rapport using its residents.

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